Devotional world of love, Krishana and his followers~ 

Rani Ahilyabai’s love for art drew many famed weaver’s of 18th centuru to Maheshwar. Being perticularly fond of sarees, she encouraged them to weave their imagination into fabrics. Motifs inspired from architectural elements of the palace with added regale of silk threads led to these breath takingly sophisticated yet playful drapes. The freshness of their colors is a fruity treat. Drape them in regular fashion or innovate a quirky dress… these woven beauties are anything but common.

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White like a bunch of jasmine, soft like sheets of snow flakes one on top of the other, these white on white applique cotton bed spreads and cushion covers home luxury that speaks through subtlety.

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The Goddess of wealth and fertility sits on the Lotus flower, holding it in two of her four hands. Marriages, festivities, gatherings and family occasions require you to look your best, yet there is a part of you which demands to be at ease. As you carry yourself in these hand-woven Maheshwari sarees, the lightness of the fabric and their rich colors inspired from Lotus soothe you and their balanced vibrance bring you into a new light. When their gaze stops at the arresting array of patterns, you know you are the best version of yourself.

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This contemporary collection of bright and colorful single cotton saris is enhanced with Ikat, extra weft thread work and dobby borders. It is elegant for casual and daily wear and so appropriate for any season. ‘Suta luga’ (cotton weaves) project is a small initiative to encourage and endorse weavers of cyclone affected eastern Odisha.

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Ajrakh ~ Silk & Wool Dual Layer shawl 

This full length silk dupatta is designed to bring in some newness in the traditional craft with color combinations, hand embroidery & placement of motifs, keeping the essence of Assamese weaving intact.

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Handmade with ♥ Wax block printed, Batik stoles from Mundra ~ get them here 

Handmade with ♥ Wax block printed, Batik stoles from Mundra ~ get them here 


Handmade with ♥ Hand block printed stoles from Banni grasslands ~ get them here 

Handmade with ♥ Hand block printed stoles from Ajrakhpur ~ get them here